Three Vehicle Types That Require Heavy Duty Towing When Disaster Strikes

A tow service provides 24/7 emergency response in the event of a vehicle breakdown down, but a standard tow truck will not be able to haul larger vehicles, as their extreme weight requires the use of a truck that is made for Heavy Duty Towing. More massive semis are one of the most common to be towed with these types of vehicles, but other types of large equipment may also require specialized towing equipment. Here is a quick look at just three of the many uses of an oversized vehicle towing company.

Recreational Vehicles

An RV is one of the best ways to get out and explore everything that the open road has to offer, but a breakdown can be frustrating. Their extreme weight makes towing them a challenge, but a heavy-duty setup will be able to relocate a broken down RV easily. Some even offer extended flatbed trucks that can keep the vehicle off the road and elevated while it is in transit.

Construction Equipment

The substantial weight of construction equipment makes moving them when they are stuck or broken down extremely challenging. Whether it is an excavator or a backhoe, a company that provides Heavy Duty Towing will be able to get it moving again. Most companies also offer long-distance services and will deliver the equipment at the shop of the owners choice so it can be repaired and ready for use in no time.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are typically subjected to extreme amounts of use and abuse, as they are used to make several stops which can lead to problems with the transmission or brake system. If a dumpster breaks down, it presents several challenges, as the towing vehicle must be able to withstand the weight of the truck and anything it may be hauling. Specialty towing companies will have the equipment and expertise to make moving it safe and secure.

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