Things to Know about Frost Proof Terracotta Pots

by | Feb 18, 2015 | home and garden

Terracotta planters are excellent for a variety of landscape designs. These pots are very durable and strong, and provide a warm and earthy appearance. Frost proof terracotta planters are designed to withstand freezing temperatures without damage, but these pots need a little care to stay in good condition and to insure cold weather is not a problem.

What does Frost Proof Mean?

Frost proof pots are designed not to frost up and crack in cold weather. However, there is a difference between frost proof and frost resistant. Frost proof pots will not freeze because moisture cannot penetrate. Frost resistant pots will freeze at a certain temperature, even if empty. Before buying a frost resistant pot, make sure to find out what kind of temperatures the pot can withstand.

Creating Frost Proof Terracotta by Sealing

Sealing helps to keep pots from freezing and breaking, because moisture cannot penetrate into the structure, freeze, and expand. Follow these tips for sealing:

* Sealing is easier when a pot is new but can be done on older pots also, when properly cleaned.
* Wipe inside and out with a dampened cloth and then allow the pot to dry.
* First, place the pot on a drop cloth or newspapers to avoid making any messes.
* Next, apply a high grade sealer to the interior and exterior of each pot.
* Whether brushing on liquid sealer or spraying from a can, apply one coat of sealer and let dry, then apply a second coat, for maximum protection.


Good drainage is essential for all kinds of planters and pots. Make sure the holes are large enough or there are enough drainage holes to allow excess water to drain. If not, winter may cause problems. For example, in freezing temperatures, water might build up inside the pot and can crack even the finest of planters.


Cleaning will be easier when you take the time to follow these helpful tips:

* Planters should be cleaned every year to prevent growth of fungi and bacteria.
* Remove the plant and soil and clean the inside with a vinegar solution.
* Instead of vinegar, smaller pots can be disinfected by placing them in an oven at 225 F for about an hour. Let the pots dry completely before reusing.

High Quality Terracotta

Natural frost resistance is one of the many benefits with high quality terracotta products. Fine Galestro clay pots are fired at high heat and for a long time. The high quality clay and a special firing process produces frost resistance to about 15 degree below zero Fahrenheit. If your landscape contains large frost proof terracotta pots, consider placing them on a stand with rollers. This will make the process of cleaning or moving, much easier and safer.

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