The Importance of Package Testing Equipment

If you manufacture or assemble products for a living, you probably place your finished products in a container or package. Most likely, you have excellent quality control methods in place to make sure you deliver a quality product that meets or exceeds the customers’ expectations. But how much emphasis do you put on your packaging? Here are some things to know about the value of investing in the best package testing equipment for your company.

What is a Packaging Test?

When you test packaging, you measure specific characteristics of the materials. This can include the package and internal components like trays or packing materials used to protect the product. Often, you need to take a physical test to let you know how strong or weak the packaging is and if there are any leaks. This is best done with package testing equipment because it gives you important data.

Why Test?

Here are some good reasons to test your product packaging:

  • Conform to local or federal regulations
  • Research and development
  • Data for your engineering department
  • Evidence for legal issues
  • Understand and identify packaging problems
  • Find lower cost packaging solutions
  • Make sure the packaging offers adequate protection
  • Leak detection

Testing Procedures

Testing is done for many reasons. For example, you might want to know if your product (with packaging) can withstand certain kinds of abuse like dropping a specific distance. This is often done by simulating actual conditions and checking the results.

Package degradation is important to see if the packaging is affected by temperature extremes or high humidity. In fact, some packages must be water-resistant or water tight, and bubble testing can be effective.

Leak flow package testing equipment can involve pressurizing the package and then check the pressure against atmospheric pressure more than once, to see if leaks are present.

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