The Dodge Gearbox: The Merits Of The In Line Helical Gear Reducers

Many industrial applications require the use of a gear reducer. These mechanical devices, also known as gearboxes or speed reducers, increase or decrease torque by increasing or reducing the speed. They operate best in a situation of constant speed application such as exemplified by cranes and conveyors. Several companies produce these products including Falk and Dodge. Of the various gearboxes available in Texas, the Dodge gearbox offers an in line helical gear reducer.

The Dodge In-Line Helical Gearbox

The formal name for this Dodge gearbox is Quantis. The purpose of its design is to realize superior output torque with bigger horsepower ratings as well as an extended ratio range. The Quantis in-line helical (ILH) is of a single helical design. It features the following characteristics or properties:

 * Flexibility
 * Increased torque density positioned within a class 30 gray iron compact housing configuration
 * Amplified horsepower capability
 * Variety – available in 8 sizes
 * Multiple input options including both integral and separate ones
 * Durability – the housing combines the strength of class 30 gray iron with reinforcing cast internal ribbing
 * Double lip seals are spring loaded and comprised of nitrile rubber (NBR) material
 * Little to no seal-to-bore joint leakage results from the rubber coating of all seals.
 * The design of the gearing and its alloy steel composition prevent the wearing down of gear teeth while making certain the gear teeth mesh at the most suitable juncture

These ensure companies operating in Texas, achieve the results they need to improve their capabilities and efficiencies in this area.

The Dodge Gearbox

If you are looking for a reliable and innovative gear reducer in Texas, do not hesitate to consider a Dodge gearbox. A highly functional model is the Quantis ILH. If this does not prove to be the right type of gear reducer for your equipment, you may want to consider what else Dodge has to offer. With a name for reliability and superior quality, you cannot go wrong.

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