The Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

If you want your customers to have a better idea of all the products which you are selling, then one way to achieve this is to send them a catalog with details about everything you offer. This has a number of advantages for you and your customers, and can be a very effective way to grow your business. In order to be truly effective, you will want to ensure your catalog has been professionally produced.

Sending a catalog is one of the most effective forms of direct mail marketing, as it allows your customers to see exactly what products and services you have on offer. It also makes it easier for your customers to order from you directly, rather than going to a store where there may be products from your competitors also available. Catalogs can be sent to existing customers who you already have on your database, as well as to potential new customers.

Most households now have smartphones and tablets, and this technology can be used to complement the direct mail marketing which is carried out through your catalog. Having a website which is compatible with smartphones and tablets means people can place orders online, and see what the latest prices are for the products that they are interested in. This is also a good place to showcase new products which have recently been launched since the physical catalog was printed and mailed out. The company which prints your catalog may also be able to help you with this type of marketing.

As well as receiving catalogs, you can also send other communications to this mailing list which can help encourage people to make a purchase from you. This can be details about any current promotions which you are running, and these details can be sent in the form of postcards or printed leaflets. The more attractive and interesting you can make these postcards, the more likely people are to take notice of the message which is on them.

Using a professional company such as Arandell means all of your direct mail marketing needs can be taken care of by the same company. This will give a much more co-ordinated approach to your marketing, and you can plan with the company when certain pieces of information will be sent to your customers to coincide with your offers and promotions. A further advantage of using a company like this is that all the marketing work that they carry out will be included in the price you have agreed with them, so no issues arise over the budget.

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