Take Your Emails To A New Level With An Email Marketing Service

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Internet Marketing

There are newsletters and emails and then there are really amazing, eye catching, professional looking newsletters and emails. If you send out emails that are designed to attract new customers, generate interest in your company or your business or provide information to your clients then you need to be using and email marketing service that offers email design options.

Many people in businesses of all sizes forget how every contact with a customer sends a message about your company. If your email is plain and boring then that is the message you are sending to your clients. However, if your email carries your company name, logo and colors and if it stands apart from the other emails your client gets a day then you have done your job in promoting your brand.

Design Basics

One of the best options to look for in an email marketing service that offers a design template or drag and drop email design option is called WYSIWYG. This is shorthand for “what you see is what you get” which means what it looks like to you on the screen is what your customers will see.
You don’t have to be able to write HTML code or know anything about how to create specific fonts, paragraph spacing or text size. Everything is highly visual and very intuitive. If you want to change something you just drag it off and drag something else in and drop it in place.

Titles and Text

To really take advantage of email marketing service design features look for a company that offers you the ability to generate headings and subheadings in your email. This allows you to highlight the specifics so customer will glance over the email and immediately be interested in the information provided. This can also include the ability to use different fonts, text sizes and even text colors.

Of course you may also want to add images into your newsletters so again check to make sure your email marketing service has a good selection of images in their gallery. You would also have the option to add your own images or embed videos, ecommerce buttons and features and even RSS feeds to add even more information for your customers.

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