Stay at a Serviced Apartment in Kenya on Your Next Trip

If you are planning an extended trip to Nairobi, do not stay at a hotel. Hotels can be a convenience, but they are not suited for longer trips. Can you imagine how expensive it would be to stay in a hotel for more than 30 days? Even a trip that is 7 days would be very costly. You should chose to experience corporate serviced apartments in Kenya.

First of all, what is a serviced apartment? They are cheaper and more private living spaces that are perfect for when you take a long trip or simply want the convenience of a full sized apartment. They can provide adequate room for an entire family as an alternative to renting multiple hotel rooms. Additionally, since they are a complete apartment, they include cooking and dining facilities so you can prepare your own food. In this way, you can save a lot of money by avoiding eating out for each meal.

Heri Heights is one of the most luxurious corporate serviced apartments in Kenya. If you stay here, you can take advantage of full amenities. There are complimentary cleaning services and, for a small fee, your laundry and grocery shopping can be done for you as well. Heri Heights features spacious and very comfortable apartments that will make your stay homely.

Additionally, Heri Heights includes many different luxury facilities. The Palm Café serves up delectable meals any time of day, but also includes a daily continental breakfast buffet in the morning. It is perfect for a quick bite to eat. It also includes seating, indoors and out on the terrace, if you want a sit down meal. It also includes a lounge area and bar. Be sure to visit the Sandalwood Fitness Center as well. In addition to the full range of exercise equipment, there is a relaxing steam room. Heri Heights also has an incredible heated pool and Manicured Gardens. If you are traveling for business, a business center workstation and a boardroom is available.

Instead of staying at an expensive hotel, choose the convenience and freedom of corporate serviced apartments in Kenya. It is hard to feel at home when you are on a long trip, but Heri Heights is able to provide that feeling with luxury and class.

Corporate serviced apartments in Kenya can be the most convenient way to spend an extended trip to Nairobi. Come to Heri Heights Serviced Apartments and experience the luxury of a full sized apartment and many other fancy facilities, such as the exquisite restaurant, Palm Café, in corporate serviced apartments in Kenya.

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