Stage Rental Options

When you are planning a concert or other big event, you want to have the perfect location to host it. Once that has been settled it is time to focus on the next important thing which is location. Where will the stage be located? Stage rentals are a big deal for any performance and as you shop around for the best options, there are some key points you will want to keep in mind:

The size of the stage area is the biggest deciding facto to much of your event and you will want to make sure it is big enough to comfortably host everything you need to have happen on the stage.

Stages can be set up at any height and you will need to consider this for the view the audience has of the stage as well as whether you want the audience to be able to get close to the performers or not.

Custom stages can be made in a range of color options and it is also possible to find rental stage pieces that fit your color scheme perfectly when you know where to look for them.

You will want to think about any special features your stage needs to have for things like turn tables, lights, and other hookups that you will need to make accommodations for.

To shake things up and add some visual interest to your stage layout, platforms can be used to give different levels to your stage and give you more space to work with overall.

The final thing to consider is whether you have special effects incorporated into your performance- things like pyro, fog, flames, or anything else that could affect the staging material.

When you want the best in stage rentals, you only need to look at Gallagher Staging for all of your stage and accessory needs!

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