Signs it is Time to Call for Garage Door Service in Beckley WV

Even though most homeowners use their garage doors on a daily basis, few take the time to inspect and examine the performance and condition of the door and other components. Instead, they only focus attention on this moving object when something isn’t working properly. Something many homeowners don’t understand is that all garage doors require regular inspection and maintenance to continue working properly. Monthly inspections can help ensure a garage door remains in working properly.

However, nothing lasts forever. As a result, it is a good idea for a homeowner to know the signs that Garage Door Service in Beckley WV is needed.

The Door Doesn’t Open or Close

This is the most obvious sign that it is time to call for Garage Door Service in Beckley WV. There are several reasons this may occur. The sensors may be misaligned, the wiring may be faulty or something else. Before calling for professional service, make sure there is nothing in the way of the sensors or that is blocking the door. If the area is free from obstructions and the door still doesn’t work properly, it is best to call for professional help.

Slower than Normal Response Time

Most people know, generally, how long it takes their door to respond to commands. Typically, a properly working door will begin moving within a second or two of the button being pushed. Once it begins opening or closing, it should do so without any delay or hitching. If there is a delay in the operation, then it may be an indication that there is something wrong with the door or with the opener.

It Makes Excessive Noise

Garage doors that make a lot of noise when opening and closing need repair. This is typically the result of loose hardware, the garage door opener itself or worn out rollers. While these are simple fixes when caught early, they can be more expensive if they aren’t repaired right away.

Don’t ignore issues with a home’s garage door. As time passes, the problems are only going to get worse. More information about garage door repair and when homeowners should call in the professionals can be found by contacting the staff at Garage Door Operators Inc.

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