Signs that You Need a Plumber in Seattle, WA

The plumbing system consists of a network of piping runs that eventually lead to the drainage line. A leak in any one of these lines is a problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as it is discovered. So, pay attention if there are signs of a water leak and get the leak evaluated by a plumber to stop further damage from happening.

One of the signs that you will need a Plumber in Seattle WA, is when you hear the sound of dripping in the walls. Sometimes, you can hear the water draining without seeing any of the other signs of a leak. It can be easy to dismiss this sound as noisy pipes or a faucet on in another room. Usually, this sound is pretty consistent if the source of the water is used on a regular basis. Thus, you should get it investigated if you even suspect that there is water behind the walls.

Another sign is the feeling that the walls are wet to the touch. While a high moisture level can also provide the same wet feeling, you can get the moisture content in the walls checked with a meter. A consistently high moisture level indicates that there is leakage in that location. While this meter is used to determine leakage around doors and windows, it can be also used to check pipes that are behind the walls.

Spotting mold growth is never a good sign. But it is an indicator that a leak is present and that you need a Plumber in Seattle WA. Since moisture is a key ingredient of mold growth, it is important to get it stopped immediately to prevent the return of it. Sometimes, the pipe with the leak is behind a wall that you don’t expect it to be. Thus, any sign of mold will require a deeper inspection to locate the water source.

These are the signs pipes are leaking behind your walls. It is important to get the plumbing checked if any of these signs are present. By getting leaks fixed early, you will help offset the damage that can occur if you just ignore it.

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