Short Or Long Term Furniture Storage

In many cases, moving and storage in Chicago go hand in hand. When you are moving, even across town, there are plenty of reasons why you may have to store your furniture and other possessions. In many cases, the current home sells quickly, and the new home is not yet ready to be occupied, maybe you are retiring and want to downsize, perhaps a family member passed away, and you inherited some beautiful antiques that you are not ready to bring into your home.

If your household goods have to be put into storage a company that provides professional moving and storage in Chicago can arrange it. It my cost a little more to use the services of the moving company to transport your goods to storage, but the convenience factor makes it well worth it. As you are simply between homes, make sure that the unit is easily accessible an available when you need to get at something.

Before you rent; de-junk:

Storage space is reasonable, but there is no need to rent a unit nay larger than you need. Before you begin to analyze the possibilities ask yourself a couple of pointed questions:

  • Do we need everything or can some of it go?
  • If we do let things go, will we miss them?
  • When did we actually use it last?

Ask these questions and take the appropriate actions. Once you have rid yourself of those things that you simply don’t need and never will; then start packing.

Finding the right company:

There are many companies that provide moving and storage in Chicago, your job is to find is fine and assess them. Assessing a storage facility is little different than assessing the moving company, of primary importance is the safety of your possessions. Insist on a facility that is constructed of a fire-proof material and offer insurance.

If you are looking for a local company that offers moving and storage in Chicago, you are invited to get in touch with Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. Aaron Bros. have been providing excellence in moving and storage for more than 40 years.

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