Shade Canopies Help Homeowners Save on Energy Costs

by | Jan 19, 2015 | home and garden

You don’t have to install a retractable awning on your property in order to save on your heating or cooling bill. You can also make such a transition by assembling shade canopies over decks or patios.

Durable Structures

Shade canopies come in a variety of decorative designs, all of which are made to handle various kinds of weather. The wind, a hot beating sun, and heavy rains are all subdued by this kind of protective covering. Shade canopies are not only constructed with sturdy materials, their poles and ratchet tension designs ensure that they will stay standing as well.

Therefore, shade canopies that are installed over decks or patios generally will not lose their “standing” in a windstorm or during a continual rain. However, using the structures to save on energy is the main reason for their use.

Extend Your Living Space

A shade canopy can be used to save on the cost of cooling a home when it is placed over a patio Shade canopies can also extend an outdoor living space. If you would like to use your patio in order to cook out then, you can more easily do so if you install such a covering. You don’t have to worry about the heat of the sun affecting the festivities.

Shade canopies are installations that are not only practical but decorative too. For example, you can use the tent-like structures to shade a garden area or install them over a hot tub outdoors. When the transportable structures are used over a deck, they not only cool the area, they protect outdoor furniture and furnishings too.

Easy Assembly

So, if you want to add an upgrade to your property, you can affordably and easily do so by setting up one or more canopies. People like using the coverings because of their easy installation. Whether you want to establish the “tent” in the back part of your yard or close to the house, it can be assembled in less than an hour. You can also take down the structure in about the same length of time.

Also, if you need to move a canopy to an area that offers more room, possessing this type of covering can prove to be quite handy. Regardless of your reason for purchasing a canopy, you can be assured that the structure is easy to set up, offers the needed protection from the sun and can increase the amount of space used on your property.

Canopies are sized by width, so the coverings can be nicely integrated into one of a variety of outdoor settings. You can get a better idea of what to choose by reviewing the offerings online. Canopies are made to provide shade as well as privacy.

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