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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is becoming more and more common among people of all age groups. The main symptoms of the sickness include shortness of breath, cough and sputum production. The sad thing about the condition is that the symptoms get more serious with time. As a result, most people that have been diagnosed are treated with alternatives such as oxygen therapy. This is a treatment option whereby the patient has to take in an oxygen supplement when they are sleeping or when needed. A Hyperbaric Center is a clinic where these treatment alternatives for COPD are offered. Here are some things you should know about oxygen therapy.

Why You May Need Supplemental Oxygen

Most health experts recommend that your arterial oxygen levels or (ABG) should be at least 88 percent at all times. The level can be measured in a simple and non-intrusive way using a pulse oximeter. In case your levels fall below the stated, the health care provider will recommend supplementary oxygen. Note that when the levels are lower than the recommended, you are risking complications such as suffocation or asphyxia.

When The Oxygen Is Needed

It is important to use the oxygen according to the instructions provided by the health care professional. Note that it is very dangerous to try to use more than the recommended amount of oxygen or less. For most people, the oxygen supplement is only needed when they are sleeping. However, there are times when the supplement could be needed even when the person is awake.

What Are The Benefits Of The Therapy?

1. When the body is deprived of oxygen, the heart stops pumping, and the organs fail. The therapy therefore works in preventing heart failure.
2. The supplement increases the rate of survival for people with COPD.
3. The supplements also increase stamina, sleep quality and the mood of the person using it.

All those are important things you need to understand about oxygen therapy. The important thing is getting the therapy from trusted health care providers such as the Hyperbaric Center. Also, note that materials burn more readily in the presence of oxygen and safety measures should be taken to ensure that accidents are prevented. To learn more about the therapy, visit the Missouri Delta Medical Center through their website,

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