How a Septic System Service Company in Des Moines, Iowa Makes Life Easier for a Homeowner

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Construction And Maintenance

Homeowners who have septic tanks know it is important to keep the devices maintained properly. While there are certain forms of maintenance the homeowner can manage, arranging for a Septic System Service Company in Des Moines Iowa, to take care of the rest will provide peace of mind. Here are some of the services the company can offer to ensure the tank remains viable over the long term.

Tank Inspections

It is possible for a Septic System Service Company in Des Moines Iowa, to conduct an inspection of a tank without having to do any digging. Thanks to the use of sonar and other methods, it is possible to ensure the tank is not leaking and the current level of bacteria in the tank is at reasonable levels. That inspection will also reveal if the time is fast approaching for the tank to be pumped and cleaned.

Pumping and Cleaning

Once the day comes when the tank needs to be emptied, the service company can send a crew out to do the job. The process will include pumping the waste from the tank and then using chemicals to clean the interior. During the process, the tank is again checked for any signs of valves, fittings, and other components that may need replacing. Assuming the tank is in great shape, the service company will infuse it with bacteria that helps to break down waste in the future. In many cases, there will not be a need for another pumping and cleaning for several years.

Emergency Support

If the homeowner notices something is not right with the tank, the service company can dispatch a team to isolate the problem and do whatever is needed to make repairs. Depending on what is happening, the issue may have to do with a pipe from the home’s plumbing that needs replacing, or a section of the tank itself may need to be patched or replaced. In many cases, the issue can be resolved in a day or two of the initial call for help.

For homeowners who want to know more about basic maintenance and upkeep of a septic tank, look at this website and go over the information provided. From there, establish a relationship with a local service provider and work together to make sure the tank is maintained in perfect working order.

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