Selling Tips: Getting Cash for Junk Cars in MN

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Automotive And Cars

Getting Cash for junk cars MN is a great way to recoup at least some of your investment. Salvage yards sell the usable parts to repair shops or other motorists, and they are always looking for more vehicles. Before selling your car, follow these tips to ensure you receive the most money possible.

Prove Ownership

If you don’t already have the vehicle’s title, get it. Salvage yards and scrap auto dealers cannot buy cars from anyone but their registered owner; establish ownership in writing before calling a junk car dealer.

Get the Value Assessed

If the vehicle has physical damage, assess it and then calculate its Kelley Blue Book value. Get as much information as possible about the vehicle’s condition; when you’re shopping your vehicle to different junk dealers, you’ll be asked questions on damage, whether it runs, and what other issues it has. If you can, repair the car enough to get it down the road. Road-worthy vehicles are worth more than those which don’t run.

Get Price Quotes

Call local junk car dealers, as well as some in nearby locations. You’ll probably find that prices vary widely from one dealer to another, and an out-of-town dealer may give you more money for your car. Some dealers pay nothing for vehicles they must pick up, while others pay quite a bit depending on the car’s model and physical condition.

Deliver the Vehicle

Now that you have competitive price quotes, it’s time to deliver the vehicle. If you can, have the car towed to the yard or drive it there yourself. Most yards pay more for drivable cars, as it saves them money and time. Don’t forget the car’s title-;you can’t sell without it.

Following Lemon Laws

When it comes to getting Cash for junk cars in MN, there are certain laws to follow. Called “lemon laws”, they are intended to protect the consumer; some of these laws won’t be an issue for you, but some can be. Research the laws in the state where you’re selling the car, as most states allow you to sell ‘salvage title’ cars without fear of reprisal. Do not tamper with the odometer to make the car appear lower-mileage, as it’s universally forbidden, and remember that selling a car for less than $700 (in most states) exempts you from lemon laws.

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