Saving Member’s Money With Your Own Snow Grooming Equipment

by | Feb 9, 2015 | Business

If you are an organizer, member, or on the budget committee for any snowmobiling club or association you need to understand the benefits of owning your own snow grooming equipment.

Through being able to talk to others, and to provide members with the information on how you are putting their dues to good use, the benefits of purchasing snow grooming equipment will be evident. This is a great way you can help the club, group or organization to save literally thousands of dollars over a few seasons.

The key is to be able to provide actually dollars and cents comparisons with different options, especially between different models of snow groomers. Of course, in some areas you may be able to hire a crew to come in when you need them but this is typically going result in much more significant costs than what you can expect if you choose wisely with your own snow grooming equipment.

Look for Simplicity

The simple designs that are proven with years of real world experience are always the best when it comes to snow grooming equipment. You want equipment that won’t freeze up, jam up, or fill up with snow to limit effectiveness as it is used.

Designs that have multiple cutting arms and blades are always the best option as this allows the snow to be gradually broken up and packed back down. You want to leave the trail smooth and even, just like you would expect if a crew came through.

Not a Big Investment

For many clubs and organizations personal snow grooming equipment may be all that is needed. These handy sled-like styles can be adjusted on the move for all different types of snow conditions and can be pulled with any 450 cc snowmobile, which means no need to invest in anything but the groomer itself.

This provides the options for members to take on the role of keeping the trails in great shape. With these easy to use designs of snow grooming equipment it is not difficult to find members that will volunteer, also saving the club additional costs in paying someone to take on the task.
Getting your club or snowmobile association to buy snow grooming equipment shouldn’t be difficult. Once they see this equipment is just a few thousand dollars and will last for years and years, it really isn’t a hard sell at all.

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