Reporting Your Malfunctioning Car In Mississippi

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Attorney

It happens to the best of us: we purchase a new or used vehicle and within days or even hours of pulling out of the lot, something goes wrong. When you are faced with a lemon and need assistance, remember to go directly to the experts. The Mississippi Lemon Law has its specific regulations, and understanding this law will help you address this issue with efficiency and clarity.

What Is The Lemon Law?

The Lemon Law was put in place to protect consumers who are sold a car or truck that does not perform properly. Vehicle manufacturers may sell you a car or truck that malfunctions, and afterward refuse to pay for any repairs or alterations that are needed. Through this law, consumers like you can be covered when such an occurrence strikes. The law varies by state, yet the overall idea is that the vehicle company has a predetermined amount of instances to repair the malfunctioning car or truck within a given period of time. As the rules are different across state lines, it is important to know the law in your state of residence.

Number Of Repair Opportunities In Mississippi

In the state of Mississippi, the company that sold the car or truck has three chances to seek repair for the defective vehicle. Moreover, if the broken car or truck has been out of service for fifteen days in a row, the car can be deemed a ‘lemon,’ and you are entitled to take legal action against the vehicle manufacturer. A Lemon Law lawyer can assist you in raising a case and receiving compensation for your malfunctioning car or truck.

What Defects Qualify For The Mississippi Lemon Law?

In Mississippi, any defects that impair the function, safety, or worth of the vehicle qualify for legal action. Under the law, the car or truck company is liable for repairing these defects, as long as they are apparent during the warranty agreement of the vehicle. Any impairment and malfunctioning components related to the car or truck are easy to spot, as they compromise the safety and proper use of the vehicle. In the case that the defects of your car or truck do not meet the requirements for the Lemon Law, a lawyer experienced in such matters can assist you in appealing to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This regulation allows consumers to bring a case to court for defects that do not threaten the value, safety, or functioning of their vehicle.

Knowing your rights will help you to take action against any malfunctioning car or truck you purchased from a manufacturer. Lemon Law attorneys are available to guide you through the process to ensure you and your situation are appropriately addressed. Go to the site for any query.

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