Replacing a Garage Door in Woburn, MA Enhances Security

Every homeowner should see their garage door as a weak spot in their security. This is, after all, how criminals view it. A garage door is often considered the quickest and easiest way to gain easy access to a home. This is the main reason everyone should make certain the garage door is always in good working order and repaired or replaced at the first sign of trouble.


Every Garage Door in Woburn MA, should be tight in its frame, making it impossible for a thief to be able to use a wire hook to reach in and pull the emergency release which will allow the door to open without an opener. This process is known as “fishing,” and experienced burglars can do it successfully in less time than you may think.
Make certain the opener you purchase can be attached to your key chain. If you do not have the option because your opener is older, have it upgraded. The older versions which clip onto your visor are a security risk if your vehicle is stolen or broken into. With a keychain opener, you will have it with you at all times.

A new Garage Door in Woburn MA, will have the options for amazing security features an outdated door just does not have. This includes the ability to program it with your smartphone so you can open it remotely to allow family members or service people to enter as well as receive notifications when the door has been opened.

Programmable features help ensure you never forget to close the door behind you. Automatic lighting will help you to be certain the garage is empty when you drive inside, a valuable safety feature that could save a life, not just your property.

You can find out more about the options available that can make you safer and provide a little more convenience by contacting Collins Overhead Door Inc of Woburn MA. They have a full line of overhead garage doors and openers for both residential and commercial properties. Contact them to find the perfect door to compliment your home and improve security.

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