Rent a Generator for Your Next Event

When you are holding a special event, it’s important that you have all the power you need.  Whether it’s a wedding, a picnic, or an outdoor party, a generator rental in Shakopee, MN can meet all of your power needs to ensure that your event stays powered up the whole time.

Reliable Temporary Power

Having a reliable source of power for your event is important.  You don’t want to chance the power of your event on multiple extension cords strung across the ground.  When you do something like that, there is too much that could go wrong.  Someone could trip over a cord, things could come unplugged, or you may not even have enough cords.  A generator would be just the ticket, but purchasing a brand-new generator for a one-time event isn’t very cost-effective.  Instead, consider renting a generator.  The fees are quite reasonable and you won’t need to worry about maintenance or storage of the generator later, so there are no additional costs.

With a generator rental, you can have the power that you need to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.  The generator and all you need to run it will be delivered to your site, providing your event with reliable power.


Generators can be used to power many different events.  They are great for jump houses or other inflatables.  They can be delivered to your wedding venue, graduation parties, reunions, outdoor barbeques, or any other event venue that needs reliable power.

You can talk to your rental company to decide what type and size of generator will best meet your needs.  Just let them know what you need to keep powered, and they’ll let you know what you need.  They will deliver it to you and show you how to use it properly.  Some rental companies will also check-in on your event in case anything comes up.  You will also be able contact them should anything arise.  With a rental, it’s possible to have a replacement generator dropped off to you quickly.

When you are holding your next event, rent a generator.  A generator rental in Shakopee, MN, is a sure way to have the reliable, versatile power that you need on hand without breaking your budget.

Consider generator rental in Shakopee, MN for your next event.  South Metro Generator Rental will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.

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