Regular Inspections by a Professional Roofer in Annapolis Can Save You Money

Roofing problems come in all shapes and sizes and they can go unnoticed for extended periods of time until they have caused some major damage to your home. Since the damage may be hard to detect from ground level it’s wise to have a professional Roofer Annapolis do a regular inspection of both your roof and your gutters. What may start off as a small area of missing or broken shingles can deteriorate into exposed and damaged sheathing that can allow in wind, precipitation, or even small animals, looking for a place to set up housekeeping. Regular inspections can not only keep the repair costs to a minimum, they can prevent damage from creeping into other parts of your home, ruining your insulation, damaging support beams and causing water stains on ceiling and walls.

If the inspection by the Roofer Annapolis detects some minor damage like missing shingles, it is a relatively quick and inexpensive fix. If the damage is more severe, or age and the elements have taken their toll on your roof, it may require a re-roofing, where a new roof is built on top of your current one, saving some time and expense. This is only practical if there is only one existing layer of roofing that needs to be covered and if the support structure is still in good shape. If that isn’t the case, then an entire new roof will need to be installed after removal of your old roof.

Installing a new roof can have its disadvantages and its advantages. As roofing projects go, new roofs are more expensive than most repairs, take more time, and can be more invasive. On the bright side, having your old roof completely removed is a good time to re-insulate your home, while so much of it is exposed. Putting in a new roof will also give you the luxury of selecting exactly what you want. You can choose the style, the material, and even the color of your new roof so that it complements your home. A new roof can increase your home’s curb appeal and may increase its overall value as well. An experienced Roofer Annapolis, like Area Roofing & Siding Company Inc. can help you with the selection process, based on their product knowledge and experience and over 40 years of experience.

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