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When you or a member of your family is suffering from an illness, you often feel the need to consider a number of elements before deciding which doctor to visit. Obviously, the symptoms play a major role in making this decision, but age and gender figure in as well. Considering the age of the person in need of care, you may need a pediatrician or a geriatrician. Those searching for care specific to females might need a gynecologist while men may seek advice from a urologist or an andrologist. Of course, problems of very specific natures require a specialist.

A few problems arise when trying to follow these lines of reasoning:

*     Some areas are simply not staffed with such specific practitioners.

*     If you need the care of a specialist, you typically have to be referred to these physicians by a more generalized doctor.

*     Perhaps medical care is needed fairly quickly, but you are having trouble finding a doctor within a specific field who accepts the patient’s insurance.

In any of these situations, you can turn to a Family Practice Dr in Wichita Kansas. These doctors undergo training in all areas of medicine, and the care they are able to provide is not restricted by the patient’s age, gender or ailment. Anyone from infants to the elderly can visit a family practice physician to receive a wide range of treatments and preventative care. They also provide emergency care, so in many cases, you may be able to bypass the cost of a hospital emergency room by visiting a family practice.

Additionally, if you or a loved one suffers from a serious condition, such as diabetes or asthma, you can see a doctor of family medicine for treatment. This will ensure care is readily available to you and help avoid the cost of visiting a specialist each time you have questions or need to have a standard check-up in order to renew a prescription. This type of doctor can also cover lab work, x-rays, EKG’s and other needs.

Should the need for a specialist exist, a Family Practice Dr in Wichita Kansas, will refer you to the right one for your needs and help schedule your care with them. Family doctors, such as those found at Wichita Family Medicine Specialists, will work hand-in-hand with specialists to provide the most thorough care possible. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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