Reasons to Use Miami Credit Repair Companies and How They Work

It is important to understand that not all credit repair companies in Miami are the same. Some ask you to do illegal things that you may not realize are illegal, and some aren’t very good at what they do. However, there are companies out there that do everything they say they will and help you repair your credit.

Illegal Options

While most companies work on the up-and-up, there are some that ask you to commit a crime. For example, many credit repair companies in Miami and elsewhere tell you it is okay to sign up for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) and to use this number instead of your Social Security Number to apply for credit cards, which is illegal. Another illegal option is to commit identity theft, whether you know you are or not by applying for credit using someone else’s name. These options are not legal and if you are asked by a company to do anything illegal, find a different company.

How Credit Repair Should Work

While every company is different, most request that you get your credit report from each of the major companies, including Experian, TransUnion and Equifax and forward that information to the company. They will then look at your credit report and find out which items should be disputed because they are incorrect, unverifiable or incomplete. The credit reporting agencies are contacted by a credit repair company in Miami and challenges are made. If the reporting agency finds that wrong or unverifiable information is included, it must be removed due to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

You should understand that you can do all those steps on your own, as the credit reporting agency must investigate any dispute made by any person.

Why Use It

Because you can do everything a credit repair company does, you may wonder why to consider using them. Of course, the main reason is that you will have to take the time to go through each item on each report to ensure its accuracy and most people don’t want to do this. Another reason is you may be worried you’ll miss something that could harm your credit score and the company offers trained individuals to seek out wrong information.

In some cases, people use these companies because they have tried to fix the problems on their own to no avail, and it can help you have someone else helping you.

Miami credit repair is possible, especially if you work with a company such as Credit Restore USA, so that repairs are made and you can get a home or car.

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