Reasons to See a Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in St Louis

Dealing with Low Back Pain in St Louis can be very difficult for many people. Low back pain is often very difficult to treat medically as generally the damage is not easily fixed through surgery. Most medical doctors are only able to provide you with pain medications designed to help in numbing the pain. While this can be helpful, if you are seeking a more natural way of dealing with the issue, a chiropractor may be a good choice.

One of the first things a chiropractor will do is to take a complete medical history, history of any injuries and x-rays of your back. This information will provide the chiropractor with data they can use in trying to determine the type of treatment that will work best for your situation.

A chiropractor who offers treatment of Low Back Pain in St Louis will try to help in easing the pain your feel by using a number of different techniques. Most treatments involve manual and manipulative therapy. This means the chiropractor will use his or her hands in kneading and massaging your muscles and joints.

This type of treatment helps in improving the functioning of your body’s nervous system, particularly in the spine and the various nerves attached to it. By increasing circulation, the delivery of oxygen, improving flexibility your body will be able to relax and can begin to handle repairing damage. This can be a great benefit, as it will help reduce pain, soreness, muscle spasms and more.

In addition, the chiropractor will ensure your spine is in proper alignment. Many times pain and other problems are caused by the spine being out of alignment. By using techniques to realign the spine, this can be corrected. Once the spine is in proper position, it will be able to support the body and other systems better and this will make it easier for them to function, as they should. Often this will be beneficial in decreasing the pain you feel.

If you are dealing with low back pain and your doctor can only prescribe pain pills to handle the pain, you may want to see a chiropractor. Many times he or she can offer treatments to help resolve the issue without medication.

The chiropractors at the Back & Neck Care Center of North County provide quality care for chronic pain.

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