Reasons to Hire a Woodbury Real Estate Agent Who is Tech Savvy

The days are gone where you would wait months to hear back from your real estate agent, as they scoured the Woodbury area for a home that would suit your needs. Now, everything is done online with half the time, making it easier to get the home of your dreams or sell a home. This is better for you and the real estate agent, but many have fallen behind the times.

While you may be able to find great homes for sale with your laptop or tablet, real estate agents have access to homes that are not listed on regular websites, but it is important to find these agents. Not all agents use online tools to promote themselves and find the best homes for you, so tech savvy agents are helpful. In order to find out if your Woodbury Real Estate agent is tech savvy, consider whether they have websites, presence on social media and mobile access.

Personal Website

Make sure the real estate agent you select has a personal website. They may be partners with large realtors, but they should still have their name listed on the website. Scroll through the site and get a feel for their personality. Ensure that everything is organized and easy to find, as well as easy to read.

It is important to understand that the look of the website says a lot about the company or person. A website that is difficult to navigate or has poor grammar and spelling means the person may not be someone you want to work with.

Mobile Access

Woodbury real estate agents are likely not in their office, which is a good thing. You want your agent to be out helping others get and sell homes because it means they are busy and know what they’re doing. However, this also means they need to have mobile access, meaning you can contact them by cellular phone or email even while they’re away from the office.

Mobile access should also mean you can view the agent’s website from a mobile device, such as a tablet or Smartphone. This means you can view homes for sale no matter where you are.

Social Media

The real estate agent should have a social presence through social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. This should be easily displayed on the website in various locations.

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