Reasons to Buy Dry ICe in NYC

Dry ice is a versatile product that has numerous uses. It can keep important things cool, often being used for delivery. There are many places to buy dry ice in NYC. These companies can deliver the dry ice on a moment’s notice. They even offer emergency delivery service to deliver ice at any time of the day.

Dry ice is unique because of it’s extreme temperature. It’s a solid form of carbon dioxide, thus being completely free of water. Because it’s dry, it’s utilized in many industries. One common use for dry ice is preservation of food. The product can keep things frozen or cooled for long periods of time. Commercial food distributors will even use dry ice in lieu of a non-cyclic refrigeration system. It’s often cheaper to use dry ice over expensive refrigeration equipment. Dry ice is also used for shipping of food products. It gives people the opportunity to keep food safe during the shipping process without exposing packaging to moisture. Dry ice can even be used to keep wet ice cool for consumption.

In a laboratory setting, dry ice is used to keep precious things safe and preserved. It’s often used for medical applications to keep organs alive. As with food, dry ice let’s doctors ship life saving organs across the country in a safe climate. It’s used in numerous laboratory settings. It’s versatility make it a staple product in research labs dealing with a variety of situations. Pharmaceuticals, bio technology, and diagnostic laboratories can all benefit from dry ice.

It’s important to follow safety precautions when handling dry ice. While it’s a useful product, it’s extreme temperature and chemical makeup can cause issues if used improperly. It’s absolutely vital to use gloves when handling dry ice. The temperature of dry ice is well below the freezing point. It can cause significant burning to the skin. During packaging and storing, dry ice needs to also have proper ventilation. The product expands when it turns from a solid to a gas. Tightly sealed containers can cause explosions and damage.

All in all, dry ice is a great product to utilize when wet ice isn’t enough. It’s freezing temperature helps keep food fresh while being dry enough for prolonged shipping and handling.

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