Reasons to Send Your Child to Christian Schools in Franklin, TN

In today’s turbulent and corrupt society, it is becoming clearer that the best thing parents can do is send their children to Christian Schools in Franklin, TN. There are many reasons parents choose not to send their children to Christian schools including the state of their finances, the location of the nearest school, and even rumored academic shortcomings in Christian private schools. Below, you will find some reasons you should consider sending your children to a Christian school instead of putting them in the public school system.

The biggest reason to send your child to the Christian Schools in Franklin, TN, is that God’s word is taught there. In a country that has taken God out of the public schools, and many other places for that matter, hearing God’s word is more important than ever for today’s youth. Once inside the doors of most public schools, children are being taught 30 to 40 hours a week that while God may exist, he is certainly no longer relevant. Is that something you want taught to your children by the teachers they are taught to respect?

The government of this once great nation makes it impossible for even the best public schools to reinforce or even acknowledge the teachings you have been instilling in your children since birth. This causes confusion among children and has them questioning God and their faith. You can rest assured the Christian school you choose to send your child to will share your values and more.

Believe it or not, students in Christian schools often outshine the students in public schools in academics and athletics. Christian schools teach about God, but they also teach academics and have strong athletic programs as well. The teachers love God and enjoy teaching young minds his word. Your children will be exposed to positive influences and will be surrounded by those who share their faith. These are just a few of the reasons you should consider sending your children to a Christian school.

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