Reasons you Need a Social Security Lawyer

Statistics show that over 75 percent of Social Security disability applications are denied, making it next to impossible to be approved in an initial claim. Most applicants find that having a Social Security lawyer in El Monte to be to their advantage when it comes to what seems to be a never ending battle.

Most people who independently claim for benefits are denied; it is as simple as that. Many applicants will wait to get a lawyer until after they have been denied benefits, it is suggested however, that having a lawyer when you first make the claim can help in getting approval, hence, the benefits that you rightfully deserve. The only precaution when hiring any lawyer is that you must get one who has experience in handling the complexities of the case; in this situation you must hire a Social Security lawyer in El Monte and not one who deals in other areas of law.

Making claim for Social Security benefits is almost like suing someone for personal injury, there is no way to predict what the settlement or offer is going to be. As this is the case get a lawyer who will represent you on a contingency basis. A lawyer or someone who has been a social security examiner at one time will often represent you and take their fee from the award that they win for you.

Lawyers that do take the case on contingency do not get a percentage of the benefits that you receive on an ongoing basis; they are entitled to a fee which is equivalent to 25 percent of the back payments you will receive once your claim is approved. Even at that, there is a cap of $6000 that can be billed as fees regardless of the amount of time and effort expended.

A Social Security lawyer in El Monte is intimate with the system that applies to disability applications. A lawyer can manage to do things things that are very difficult for a non-lawyer. They can obtain a copy of the file that social security has on your case; this alone allows him to properly evaluate the various factors that have an impact on the odds of a successful application. A lawyer can also expedite the claim by explaining that there is dire need as you are facing financial difficulties due to the length of time it is taking for approval.

If you are becoming frustrated with the claims process for Social Security benefits you are advised to hire a Social Security lawyer in El Monte who is totally in touch with the rules and laws that pertain. You are invited to discuss your situation with the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen. For more information visit the site

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