Quartz and Granite Countertops in Minneapolis: How to Choose

by | Oct 21, 2014 | home Improvement Services

Most people think that quartz and granite are similar stones that can be used for countertops in Minneapolis. While both can be used in the kitchen and as flooring, they are different stones and one is natural while the other man-made. However, both can look great in your home.

Differences in Stone

Granite is a natural stone, called so because it comes directly out of the earth in a chunk and is then cut and sanded down to blocks that can be cut into slabs later on. Quartz, on the other hand, is made by taking the crushed natural stone of quartz and adding resin to include many different colors and patterns. Typically, 93 percent of the countertop is made with quartz while seven percent is resin or man-made materials.


Both are very strong pieces of stone and are considered a good option for kitchens as they can be treated a little poorly and still look beautiful. Both stones can also be considered stain-resistant, though granite must be sealed in order to be stain-resistant while quartz is non-porous and naturally stain-resistant without sealing.

Also, neither stone is considered indestructible, though they are both very durable. It is usually impossible to find an indestructible material to use as a kitchen counter, as over time every option will pit, crack, crumble or break. However, with normal wear and tear, both stone options can last for the lifetime of the home.

Another similarity is that both stones will require professional installation as they are both heavy stones, though quartz is heavier than granite.


The differences between granite and quartz countertops in Minneapolis are many. Because of the type of stone, quartz will discolor over time if exposed to direct sunlight, even through a window. Therefore, if you have kitchen countertops that are bathed in sunlight for part of the day, granite may be a better option or you will notice a lighter color in one area over time.

While both countertop options will have seams, the seams will be more noticeable in granite than with quartz. Quartz countertops can be easier to hide because the stone has been manufactured and colored, especially if you select a dark color. However, because granite is completely natural, there is no real way to hide the seams, as there are natural colors and veins within the stone that cannot be changed.

Countertops in Minneapolis can come in many different variations. If you have chosen granite or another natural stone, consider using Granite Unlimited Inc. for the stone and installation.


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