Public Restrooms Must Be Kept Clean And Sanitary

Depending on where they are located, public restrooms can see hundreds or even thousands of visitors every day.  Even if the restroom is in your office and only sees minimal traffic it is extremely important that it be kept as clean as possible. By hiring a company that provides janitorial services in Oakland the building owner or office manager can be assured that their restrooms are kept clean and sanitary.

With the emphasis today on eco-friendly cleaning solutions it is important that the cleaning crew is fully aware of the newest materials as well as the way they are intended to be used. Public restrooms can harbor bacteria in many places including around the urinals and toilets, the sinks as well as the door handles. Professional janitorial companies have the equipment that can get into all the hard to reach places where bacteria can breed, places such as high window sills, under the sinks and back of the toilets. With the amount of daily traffic that many public restrooms get the floors take a beating; professionals have the materials and equipment to keep the floors shining. Waste paper from disposable hand-wipes accumulates quickly and must be removed just as quickly.

As well as maintaining the public restroom, ensuring that the room and everything in it is clean and hygienic, janitorial services in Oakland also take the responsibility of ensuring that the restroom is always supplied with paper towels, soap in the dispensers and toilet paper. In many cases, if the restroom is in a high traffic area the management will see to it that one of their building services people check throughout the day to ensure the room is well supplied while in the evenings the janitorial crew move in with their cleaning and sanitizing material and tools.

With the number of visitors it is no surprise that a busy public restroom can take on a rather unpleasant odor. With regular visits from the company that provides your janitorial services in Oakland you can help eliminate odors, keeping the room not only clean, but inviting to use.

When you have a professional janitorial service company look after the premises on a regular basis they will often see things amiss that others won’t. The janitorial personnel will readily spot a door know that is loose as they are charged with cleaning it, the same with a dripping faucet or water leaking under the base of one of the toilets. Having janitorial services in Oakland attend to the public restrooms in your building will keep them clean, sanitary and in good repair.

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