Protecting a Basement with Foundation Leak Repair

In the past, protecting a basement with foundation leak repair was quite difficult. Different kinds of substances and materials have been pushed into the foundation in order to protect it. These include cement, wood, steel and concrete. In many cases, the job has been done by people who are not professionals and these people could do more harm than good.

Luckily, there are some better solutions, but these require disruption of the regular schedule of families or businesses residing in the affected building. In the majority of cases, people wish for solutions that don’t require them to move furniture, appliances or their schedules. The good news is that there are some solutions that make all of this possible.

Hydraulic Jacking and Slabjacking

These are the most commonly used methods to repair the foundation of residential and commercial buildings. Slabjacking refers to the process of pumping grout beneath the slab and creating a lifting force that would make the foundation regain its original form. Piering or hydraulic jacking means having steel posts drilled through the soil. The jacks are used to stabilize the concrete. The best treatment option depends on the problem that you encounter.

What to Choose?

Before opting for one option or the other, you should find the source of the problem. Take a look at trim boards, moldings, mortar joints and the windows. Also consider the weather you’ve been having lately; this could also influence the soil’s behavior.

For smaller slabs, consider Slabjacking. This technique is many times used on basements, driveways, pools, and sidewalk projects. This means that you will have to pour cement into the slab through small holes made in concrete. This will harden with time, and it will offer the necessary support to the slab.

In case you have significant problems that is usually the case of commercial buildings, piering is the only option. This consists of lifting a part of the foundation supported by a specially designed pier and spread footing. The footing will be deep enough to protect against erosion and soil movement. It is also meant to distribute the weight evenly so that there will be no mass or bulk. Both of the presented solutions can are long-term options.

Having a leak in your foundation is not acceptable, and this is why you will have to think about protecting a basement with foundation leak repair. In case you are not sure how to handle the problem, the best thing you could do is to ask for the help of a professional who also has the necessary tools. Watch youtube video on foundation leak repair for detailed info & also like facebook page for more updates.

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