Professional Services for Eliminating Termites in Fullerton

Termites are known as the silent destroyers in the pest control industry. Termite control experts are educated and understand that there are different types of termites. Damp wood, dry wood, Formosan, and subterranean termites are the four most common types. These pests are plant eaters, but this also includes woody materials and anything that contains cellulose. In other words, regardless of your home’s construction, if there are things that can still offer food for termites. While prevention is the best action for keeping Termites in Fullerton at bay, if they do happen to infest your home, you need to catch it early and put an end to the infestation through professional services. The following will discuss information about termites you may not know.

It is wise to develop is termite prevention plan. You have to eliminate moisture issues in your home, get rid of food sources, and watch for warning signs that you may have an infestation.

Moisture issues often occur in your plumbing. Leaky water pipes, faucets, and air conditioners create the ideal condition for termites. It is wise to set up a way to divert water from your home’s foundation, keep your gutters and downspouts clear and clean, get rid of excess plant mulch and covers, keep standing water cleaned from your roof, and make sure to seal any water entry points for water.

Getting rid of termite food sources is another preventative measure homeowners need to take. Firewood and other types of lumber need to be kept away from your home’s crawl spaces and foundation. This includes paper of any kind as well as wood. Stumps from trees should be eliminated from near your house and always check your wooden deck and fences for termite damage. Any wood used in the construction of your home should be well above the ground and not in direct contact with the soil. It is advisable to put screens over any vents outside of your home.

Every homeowner should take these steps to prevent infestations of Termites in Fullerton. Homeowners need to hire a professional termite control company to perform inspections at least once per year. Some companies may recommend every two years, but once a year is a good preventative measure. Southern California Exterminators can perform inspections and help eliminate termite infestations when necessary. Visit us website to find out more about their pest and termite control solutions.

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