Professional dog grooming for your beloved pet

Grooming your dog is a great way to keep his coat clean and his skin well oiled. This helps prevent various skin issues and rashes, as well as keeping his fur soft and shiny from head to tail. Some canines, especially those with long or thick coats, can be a real chore to properly groom at home so being able to bring them to a professional full service groomer in Beverly Hills who has plenty of experience and all of the right tools is a great way to keep your furry companion looking his or her best.

Relaxing bath and blow-dry

Some dogs are not excited about your average bath time, but when they get a relaxing warm-water bath and get lathered up using all organic shampoos they may start to beg you for a bath every day! Add to that a soothing massage with organic deep conditioners to benefit the hair right down to the root and your pet might not want to get out of the bath. Follow it all up with a warm blow dry, a complete nail trimming and a gentle ear cleaning to make it a full package of pampering for your pet. Once your companion is bathed and dried, he can finally receive his favorite styling or just a trim!

Extra services to benefit your furry friend

Keeping toenails trimmed to a reasonable length on dogs of all sizes can prevent a variety of issues including arthritis. If the nails become too long, they can start to curl back under the foot causing the animal to walk in an unnatural and painful way. Clipping the nails at home could be more of a chore than you want to undertake, so be sure to ask your dog groomer at K9s Only to add it into the visit! Maintaining your dogs’ oral health is important too; clean teeth and gums prevent the build-up of tartar and plaque, as well as periodontal disease. Breeds with a thick undercoat such as Golden Retrievers, Great Pyrenees and others can benefit in many ways from a de-shedding treatment. This also helps keep your home free of hair on the furniture or your clothes. A full body de-shedding brushing removes loose hair from the undercoat and shines the topcoat. Most pets love being brushed; it not only makes them look better but also feel better, so be sure to consider having this done as well.

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