Preparing Your Home for the Installation of Replacement Windows in Louisville KY

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Roofing

A window is a permanent structure that allows for the passage of light and air. This structure can deteriorate over time due to regular wear and tear and environmental factors. When this happens, it’s a good idea to install Replacement Windows in Louisville KY. If you are using the services of a contractor for this job, use the following guidelines for the preparation.

Since work crews often meet at work sites, it’s a good idea to have ample parking spaces available for these workers. The morning the contractor and his team are to arrive at your home, clear the area in your driveway and in front of your curb. Also, your replacement windows may arrive on a large truck. Ensure that you have room for this vehicle as well. The truck will need to get as close to your home as possible to allow for the windows to be carried into your home. The contractor and his workers will need a clear path to your home. Remove lawn furniture, toys, and other objects that can block the path into your home.

To prepare the interior of your home for the installation of Replacement Windows in Louisville KY, remove wall hangings in the work areas or rooms adjacent to the work areas. This includes paintings, mirrors, pictures, and wall furniture. The hammering and banging that accompany window installation can send vibrations through the walls of your home. This can result in your wall hangings falling and breaking. If you have a wall hanging that is attached to a wall, make sure it’s secured to the wall with fasteners.

Installing windows produces dust. These tiny particles of earth and waste matter can spread throughout your home if you don’t contain them. Dust containment starts by placing tape over registers and grilles in the work areas. Place sticky mats in the entrances to the work area. This will help remove dust and debris from the soles of the workers’ shoes. Also, place long vertical plastic liners around the work areas. This will help keep dust from leaving these places.

When you install windows, doing your part will help forge a mutually beneficial rapport with your contractor. For more information on window installation services, get in touch with a window contractor like the ones at Affordable Exteriors. This company can handle residential and commercial window services.

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