Preparing for a Duck Hunt in Texas

Many people begin to shiver when the cold winds of winter start blowing. However, the duck hunter knows that the winds bring with them migrating waterfowl. The winter season is the best time to set out on your Duck hunt in Texas. The following tips will help you prepare and ensure a more successful trip.

1. Plan

Many hunters ignore the planning stage of preparation. However, it is one of the most important things you can do as your prepare for your trip.

Be sure to check the weather forecast. Monitor the direction of the wind as this will be critical when setting up your decoys. If you are near the hunting grounds, you can go and scout them out first. However, not many people live near hunting grounds. You can use the Internet instead to map out the area.

2. Test your gun

If you didn’t know, shotgun loads are quite finicky. It is therefore important to ensure that the ammunition you use matches up with your gun. It is therefore important to pattern your gun before you go for your hunt. If you have no experience with guns, you may want to ask someone more experienced for assistance with this.

3. Check your gear

Many people don’t pack and store their gear away when they return from their hunting trips. When the hunting season comes around again, they bring out their gear and load it up for the trip. They later find out it is damaged or hopelessly tangled.

It is important to ensure that you check your gear at least a week before your trip. You can ensure that all your gear is functional and clean. It will also give you ample time to look for replacements for any badly damaged gear.

4. Take your dog on a practice run

If you’re going to be hunting with your dog, then you need to be sure that it is up to the task. Take your dog for a practice run before the trip.
Like you and me, dogs can get out of shape when they’re inactive. It is therefore important to ensure that your dog is in good condition before the hunting season. Take your dog for runs and ensure that it can retrieve the ducks during the hunt.

5. Check your gear for shine

Scratches on the paint of your gear can result in your decoys failing. Sharp eyed ducks can identify decoys when they see shinning glints where paint has been scratched off the aluminum body. They’ll choose to land elsewhere. Be sure to touch these spots up with paint.

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