The Ohio Lemon Law

It can be extremely frustrating to buy something only to find out later it is defective, the frustration is even greater when the purchase was a new car. Fortunately, those that live in Ohio are protected by the Ohio Lemon Law.

How to tell if your new car is a lemon:

Other than the fact that it seems to break down all the time, what other issues will help determine if the car is a lemon under the law? First; the car must have one or more major issues that cannot be resolved and compromise the safety of people in the car. The law in Ohio covers passenger cars, light trucks and motorcycles if:

  • The vehicle is less than 12 months old
  • The vehicle has traveled less than 18,000 miles

The manufacturer or the manufacturers authorized dealer must be given a “reasonable” chance to rectify the fault; reasonable in Ohio is:

  • Three tries to fix a single problem
  • Thirty days or more in the shop
  • Eight tries to fix numerous problems

If the fault is such that it can result in serious injury or death the manufacturer is given only one chance to fix the fault.

How the Ohio Lemon Law works:

If your vehicle meets the criteria and it is declared a lemon, the manufacturer is obliged to replace it or refund the money you paid for it.

One of three things can happen; the manufacturer agrees and compensates you as you demand, the manufacturer asks for another chance to fix the problem or the manufacturer disputes your claim.

If there is an arbitration program available a third party with no vested interest will hear both sides and make a decision based on evidence. If you disagree with the arbiter’s decision you have every right to hire a lawyer and pursue your claim in court.

The Ohio Lemon Law was enacted to ensure that a vehicle buyers rights were preserved. For further detail on the law in Ohio and a listing of qualified lawyers, you are invited to visit

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