Most common uses of custom android apps for business

Taking your business to the next level is considered as difficult as getting it started in the first place, assuming all of the pieces don’t fall right in place and you instantly have a huge boom of success of course. For the sake of argument, we are going to go with the idea your business is passed the beginning stages and you are not already a huge multi-million dollar giant of your industry. Here are many good reasons why you should invest time and money into your own application, and the first one may be the least obvious:

Lead Generation

It may seem a little counter-intuitive but a very well thought out, designed, and implemented application can actually generate additional leads for your business. Keep in mind that typically an app is only downloaded after they have heard of your company, and usually they are a customer already, but a very useful app can actually spread throughout the app community as something more than just a sales portal to your business. Providing the user with an experience or value can increase download traffic to your app and thus increase potential leads. Make sure you have some way of getting information out of the app which can be of use to you!


Very similar to the first topic, but this will come with a slightly different twist. Instead of just collecting valuable information which can be used for advertising to the user at a later time, you can now utilize valuable screen space on your app to advertise your own business to people you already know are interested in your services. Offering great deals to your customers through your mobile application is just another way to increase potential sales without costly campaigns. Don’t misunderstand, Android app development companies will be charging for their services, but a well designed app will have some lasting value which will not dissipate once a campaign has completed.

In House Usage

Take a look at a very different reason to have an application for your small business! An app built specifically to your business for management, employees, or even customers at a physical location, can assist in increased productivity and a better customer experience. I think the absolute best example of this would be the restaurant industry. There are restaurants which exist now where the wait staff no longer takes orders, but instead there are Ipads provided to the customer with the full menu plus customization options for all their food. Once the customer places an order, the system sends this information directly to the cooks and the food is prepared. This does wonders for increasing efficiency, and cutting back on other expenses.

These are only a few of the reasons why having an app for your business can be good for your long term growth goals. Understanding exactly why a user would download the app is key for the app to be successful. Make sure it adds value in some way, so it is not lost in the endless sea of mobile applications. The experienced developers at Focaloid can help you through the entire process and are great partners to collaborate with to build a mobile application worth the investment!

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