You May Deserve a Better Settlement After a Semi Accident in Terre Haute IN

by | Dec 1, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

If you have been injured in a collision with a semi truck, you may have already been offered a settlement by the trucking company’s insurance company. You’re questioning whether this settlement offer is reasonable, considering the seriousness of your injuries. After a Semi Accident in Terre Haute IN, the driver’s employer and the insurance carrier are anxious to get the situation resolved as soon as possible at as low a cost as they can. You might consider contacting a personal injury lawyer to learn whether you should reasonably expect more money.

If an attorney such as Dan McGlone is ready to take you on as a client, you can be assured that you have a good case. As a rule, personal injury lawyers don’t require upfront payments — they receive a percentage of your settlement or court award. That means these lawyers only accept cases they believe they can win in court if the insurance company refuses to offer a better settlement. However, most cases never go to trial because insurance carriers would much rather settle out of court. They know that juries can be very sympathetic to a person in a passenger vehicle who was seriously injured in a semi-truck accident.

Should you try to settle with the insurance company yourself rather than get a lawyer involved? That way, you could avoid paying a percentage of your settlement to a law firm. There are some very good reasons to work with an attorney rather than go it alone. First of all, when the insurance carrier receives communication from a lawyer, their representatives know that you mean business. The company is likely to quickly respond with an offer at a much higher dollar amount than they had previously presented.

Second, cases involving a Semi Accident in Terre Haute IN tend to be very complicated. It’s often not simply a matter of one lone truck driver being at fault. For example, the company may have been pressuring their drivers to drive illegally and fudge their logbooks. There may be an implicit threat of job loss if the drivers don’t follow orders. A personal injury attorney knows how to handle these complex issues and get you the settlement you deserve.


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