The Many Benefits Of MDF Custom Kitchen Cabinets

by | Feb 12, 2015 | Business

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Doors in Ontario come in several different materials. Often people considering their options are under the impression that wood is always the best choice. However there are many benefits to choosing MDF custom kitchen cabinets over wood.

If you are opting for painted kitchen cabinetry doors in Ontario, solid wood is not always the best as it contracts under certain conditions such as humidity or heat. With this in mind you can see shrinking and buckling as well as issues with paint finishes. With MDF the composite material tends to perform better than solid wood and can stand up to fluctuations. MDF also provides a completely smooth surface without any discrepancies in colour and texture like that found in wood grain.

One of the biggest attractions for MDF custom kitchen cabinetry is that it is made in a solid board. When you order painted panelled designs in wood it requires many pieces with four panels for the frame and an additional centre piece for the main panel. This is necessary to allow for the constant shrinking and contracting of the wood. With MDF the boards are custom milled to create the profile and decorative details without any piecing together. You will have a single construction method for your painted cabinet doors.

Modern technology makes the milling of MDF boards an easy, affordable and very precise method. Computer-operated machinery (CNC) allows the single piece method for a solid design without the need for multiple pieces. This is a sturdy cabinet door that is custom milled and the centre panel can be cut and crafted with a recessed design to your specifications.

With this single panel there is very little chance of hairline cracks forming on the edges or on other areas of the panel. Cracks can appear on solid wood cabinets in many areas especially where style details appear or the rail joinery. Even if MDF expands and contracts, the door will move as one unit which means less chance of cracking and peeling.

MDF is manmade and therefore can be created in larger sizes. This is an excellent option if you are looking for oversized pantry doors which tend to be as large as 1.8 X 3.65 meters.

As you can see MDF custom kitchen cabinetry doors Ontario contractors offer are an affordable option allowing for stunning detail without the danger of cracks and peeling.

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