Manual vs Automatic Transmission: A Few Things to Know Before Choosing

When it comes time for you to buy a new car, there is a lot to consider. One of the questions that you will ask yourself is whether you should get a manual vs automatic transmission. There are some important comparisons to understand between the two before taking the plunge into your big investment.

Gas Mileage
You may have heard that manual cars get much better gas mileage than automatic cars. It’s true that often you get better fuel economy in a manual, but this isn’t always the case. In recent years, the fuel economy of automatic cars has risen, making the different between manual vs automatic transmission and fuel efficiency almost negligible. When you compare the same version of a car, there are a few brands where the manual gets only one or two MPG better than the automatic version. However, there are a few cars models where the automatic, after experts have worked diligently on making the vehicle fuel efficient, gets better gas mileage than the manual.

The Cost
Another factor that was once a disparity is the price of the vehicle, depending on the transmission type. In the past, manual cars were less expensive than their automatic counterpart. However, in recent years, automatics have been only slightly more expensive or practically the same. When it comes to manual vs automatic transmission, certain brands, such as GM and BMW models, are priced exactly the same for both transmission types.

Ease of Driving
This may be the biggest obstacle, or consideration, when it comes to purchasing your new car. Anyone with a driver’s license can sit in the seat of an automatic car, put it in drive, hit the gas, and go. If you want to drive away with your manual transmission vehicle, you will need to take some extra lessons. This is not always a bad thing. Some people speculate that a car with a manual transmission will be less likely to be stolen because fewer people know how to drive one. Also, you will be able to help another friend, who owns a manual, to drive their vehicle if they become incapacitated.

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