Make Your Own T-Shirt: A Guide to Unique Gift-Giving

If you’re the type of person who has a tough time picking out the right gifts for the right people, then holidays and birthdays can be a nightmare for you. There are just so many ways you can go wrong and you never know until your gift is open whether they like what you got or hate it. The only really good solution is to go custom and one of the best custom gifts that you can give for your friends and loved ones is a t-shirt you have designed. You can make your own t-shirt or have it made. Everyone, regardless of age, wears a t-shirt and if you follow the tips below, you can get one that’s a hit.

Get the Size Right

It is very important that you know the correct size before you even go to a custom printer. Too small and your friend won’t bother to wear it, too big and it will be relegated to cozy home wear. Neither of these will even remotely make you feel like your effort and expense were worthwhile. Size errors are fine when you make your own t-shirt for yourself, but as a gift? Get it right the first time.

Know your Friend

When it comes to a design for a gift shirt, it’s important to get to know your friend’s tastes. Avoid fitting it to your own style or tastes. What color does your friend like? Are they fans of games or comics? A shirt with their favorite character or their logos would be a winner for you. Do they like silly memes or jokes? Then you can’t go wrong with a comical shirt. Again, save all the sillier stuff for when you make your own shirt because as a gift, it’s all about your friend’s tastes. Create a shirt design that you think they will like based on their personality, style, and color preferences.

Make Sure it’s Wearable

You also want to make sure you slap on a design that they would be glad to wear in public. If you use something that’s crude or rude, it might elicit a few laughs and chuckles from some, but you can expect it to be relegated to the back end of their closet if it is too offensive to wear outdoors. A good rule of thumb: if you won’t wear it, chances are that they won’t either. Be smart about your choices.

Get those three considerations right and you will likely be giving an affordable yet well-appreciated gift to your friends. Better yet, these shirts will be completely unique too. For more information you can visit Business Name.

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