Luxury Condominiums In NYC: A Diverse Experience Within Reach

For some people, the dream is to live in New York. To find themselves in residence in one of the luxury condominiums in NYC is more than a dream. It is comparable to winning the lottery and finding Eden. For many, no matter where they live, NYC is the Promised Land. It is a place where everything is happening. It is somewhere where, when you step outside, you find yourself embraced in a culture that is famed around the world.


Chelsea has long been known for its art galleries. Here, more than 800 have been known to provide everything from the mundane to the current trend in weird art. This was home more edgy artists in the 199os. Today, it houses more staid galleries and high-profile galleries and art spaces. Although the far west side of Chelsea remains strikingly blue chip, the atmosphere has changed with an influx in a younger crowd.

People with families are coming to enjoy the view and offerings of the High Line. This park offers art installations, recreational possibilities and entertainment all wrapped into one package. It also serves to bring more people to the district ensuring the old warehouses, converted into shops and eateries – including the Chelsea Market, remain vital. The younger crowd may bypass the high tone galleries but dive right into the local flea markets and second-hand or vintage shops.

The Perfect Match: Luxury Condominiums in NYC and Fifth Avenue

While Chelsea caters to a crowd that enjoys window shopping and flea markets, Fifth Avenue attracts a very different crowd. The shops, boutiques and department stores may attract oglers but they are also the ideal place for those who live in luxury condominiums to find what they want. If Cartier, Luis Vuitton, Henri Bendel, Prada and Versace are an intimate part of your vocabulary, this is the place for you to go and use your platinum credit card.

For those who have expensive tastes, let them be slaked by the offerings in:

*   De Beers
*   Bergdorf Goodman
*   Gucci
*   Gant
*   FAO Schwarz
*   Tiffany

For those who are looking, there is always Baby Gap, the Gap, the Walt Disney Store and other pricey but classic stores.

Luxury Condominiums and NYC

For those who want to live life to its fullest, luxury condominiums in NYC offer this chance. They provide you with easy access to some of the best places to enjoy the city’s culture of art and quality goods. They are all within easy reach and waiting for you to arrive in the city that never sleeps.

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