Long Term Disability Insurance in Oakland, CA And Why You Need It

An accident can happen to anyone. Every year, workers are unexpectedly injured on the job or away from work. In most cases, these individuals take a little time off and are back to work in no time. However, many of these injuries leave workers out of commission indefinitely. If you’re a warehouse worker and you depend on your income to feed yourself and your family, what are you going to do?

If you’re injured on the job, and your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, then long term disability insurance likely won’t help you. Long term disability insurance is typically for those who find themselves too disabled or too ill to work. This insurance is necessary because most workers who are classified with a long-term disability usually stay away from work for almost 3 years.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need Long Term Disability Insurance. Thinking that you don’t need this insurance is like thinking you don’t need insurance for your car or home. Just because you haven’t had an accident yet, or that you rarely have to go to the hospital, doesn’t mean you’re incapable of becoming disabled.

Workers shouldn’t think that they’ll be covered by workers’ compensation insurance either. Why? First of all, not every employer has or is required to have workers’ compensation insurance. Second of all, even if your employer had workers’ compensation insurance, this insurance only covers work-related injuries. Statistics show that only 1 out of every 20 disabling accidents occurs on the job. Plus, sudden illnesses make up the majority of disability insurance cases – not accidental injuries.

Most long-term disability insurance plans are equipped with short term insurance benefits as well. When you’re injured, or you fall ill, your short-term benefits will kick in and cover your income for five or six months. Once those benefits expire your long-term disability insurance benefits will begin. These benefits will pay you about 60 percent of the salary you receive from your job.

Please use this information to protect yourself financially. Again, every worker should consider long term disability insurance in Oakland, CA. This protection covers anyone who falls ill and is unable to work indefinitely. You can visit the website of Patrick J Kelly Law Office to investigate more info if you have any additional questions.

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