What Are Lofts In Las Vegas?

by | Nov 25, 2014 | Real Estate

There is a romanticism about living in a loft. Books, movies and other forms of media have played this aspect up. It was certainly not part of the original concept. While there were no Las Vegas lofts for sale after World War II, there certainly were in places down East. New York, for example, was partially responsible for creating the buzz. It, and San Francisco made North American lofts appear as the perfect artistic abode – a similar, but it soon became a more upscale version of the Parisian or French garret-artist combination.

What Is a Loft?

A loft originated as a large, open living and working space in an old industrial building. The setting was always urban. The typical loft featured:

  • High ceilings – often as high as 20 feet

  • Exposed exterior walls – usually of brick, concrete or, in some cases stone

  • No interior divisions – therefore a form of what we now call open-concept

  • Floor to ceiling windows

  • Exposed interior pipes

  • Exposed interior ducts in the ceilings

Originally many of these spaces had neither heat nor running water. Nevertheless, they attracted artists who could afford little else. Artistic colonies grew up in these urban industrial areas. These were and are what are termed as “hard” lofts. When you see such lofts listed for sale, you know they are true or original lofts.

Wealth Changes Everything

In New York and San Francisco, wealthy dilettantes and patrons who supported the artists, came to see the working and living spaces of their favorite painters, sculptures and other individuals. They eventually began to live in their own lofts. These, of course, were not in the least squalid. They were completely finished and lacked for nothing.

In such neighborhoods a sign saying lofts for sale, indicated nothing but the best. This included price. As a result, the concept of luxury lofts arose. While the parameters of the ideal loft still remained, amenities became a prominent feature. Luxury lofts became part of a market wanting something that was different from studio apartments and stereotypical condos.

Las Vegas Lofts For Sale Today

Las Vegas lofts for sale are not indicative of poor accommodations. Todays, lofts appeal to those who have money, a sense of style and specific needs. They offer spacious and unstructured living. They are constructed or soft lofts. They bear little resemblance to the original spirit of the originals they mimic. The Las Vegas lofts for sale are purpose built. Nevertheless, they are perfect for those who want space, light and a space to work, live and play.

When it comes to looking at Las Vegas Lofts For Sale, be sure to talk to the agents at Park House LV. They can direct you towards finding the residence of your dreams – in Las Vegas but with a private nature and ambiance of its own.


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