Large and Sickly Tree? Tree Removal in the Bronx, NY is the Solution

by | Feb 19, 2015 | Tree Service

Homeowners often choose a tree for their yard without understanding how big it will get. Fifty feet doesn’t sound that high until a tree limb starts hanging over the porch. They also may put it in the wrong place. It then hangs over a neighbor’s property or onto the sidewalk. Not only can the tree inconvenience the owner and neighbors, it can grow too big for the nutrients available in a small yard space. Even with constant fertilizing, the tree starts to fail. At this stage, tree removal in Bronx NY area, is the only solution.

Taking down a tree in a tight urban space requires experience and special equipment. Professional arborists rely on bucket trucks to safely lift them to the top of the tree. The bucket provides a stable platform for the arborist. He can easily reach the upper tree limbs and secure them with strong lines. When he use a chainsaw to cut off the limbs, this rigging prevents them from falling to the ground. The lines swing the limb safely to the proper spot and lower it slowly to the ground.

Customers with fireplaces often ask that the tree limbs be cut into firewood. If they don’t have a fireplace or stove, they may ask that the wood be transformed into wood chips for their landscaping. Tree Removal in Bronx NY, should also include stump removal. Stumps are unattractive to look at and they breed insects. Termites love old wood. If the stump is close to a wood porch, they can easily travel to it and then the remainder of the home. When customers try to save a few dollars by leaving a stump, they can end up with an expensive termite infestation.

Tree Removal can leave a large gap in the landscape. The arborist can help the homeowner select a tree that is the correct size for their yard. He will also make sure it doesn’t grow near buildings or property lines. The arborist will also work with his company’s gardening staff to help the customer plant a large bush or garden where the original tree stood. In a few months, the yard will have recovered and it will look beautiful.
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