Keeping Your Commercial freezer in Maple Grove MN Working

Who are you going to call if your Commercial freezer in Maple Grove MN suddenly breaks down? You may want to call a company like Twin City Mechanical who has 24 hour emergency service. If you are in the restaurant business, it is a big deal if any of your cooling units break down. Inspectors from the health department may shut you down if there is no way to keep the food at a safe temperature. Bacterial growth increases exponentially at a greater speed when the food approaches room temperature. Salmonella is one such bacterium that can make you quite ill in sufficient numbers.

A Commercial Refrigerator and a Commercial freezer in Maple Grove MN are typically required in restaurants, ice cream stands, bars, and drink stands. As long as these units are running properly all is good. If they break down, you may risk losing thousands of dollars in spoiled and rotten food. Again you will want to call a good HVAC/R service to come out and fix the problem. Most people know that HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. When you add an R it stands for refrigeration.

You should have your HVAC/R contractor on speed dial for emergencies. The same contractor may also specialize in plumbing too. This is a good thing because the health department may also shut you down for plumbing issues such as no water or overflowing toilets. If all these things go wrong at the same time you will be glad you have your contractor on speed dial!

In the middle of summer, you want your business to be nice and cool for your customers. If your air conditioning breaks down all your customers will get up and leave which means you have lost a great deal of money. Office buildings need to be kept cool for the comfort of the workers and for their health. By the same token restaurants, office buildings, and other establishments need to be kept warm during the winter. If your heating and cooling systems are not up to the task, you need to call the HVAC contractor you have on speed dial!

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