Keep Your Sales Staff Connected With Enterprise Mobility Solutions

While many businesses use apps to allow their customers to make purchases, book appointments, or access specific information there are also enterprise mobility solutions that are perfect for use within a business.

Apps for business use are very practical for several reasons. First, and most importantly, enterprise mobility solutions allow access from a range of different devices including smartphones, tablets and all other types of applicable devices. Basically all you need is internet connectivity and your apps can access all the information that your sales staff and employees need to do a range of different work related tasks.

Inventory Awareness

When a company is dealing with online sales, retail sales and sales directly to business partners managing inventory can be impossible. However, if you use enterprise mobility solutions in the form of an easy to use app your entire sales staff can immediately check inventory supplies, schedule orders and deliveries, and even track shipments at each step along the system.

Tracking with Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Imagine how fast and easy tracking of jobs, sales calls and time on specific projects would be if every employee could simply log onto an app and enter the relevant information. These types of enterprise mobility solutions can streamline work, help in scheduling and planning, and even assist in evaluating overall employee performance.

In addition, since all data is available in real time, it is possible to make more efficient use of employee time. If projects are completed in advance the employee can simply access the app and check for the next task that requires attention. The employee can also leave messages or communicate immediately with supervisors or others as needed to provide answers to questions or get technical information for a client without having to call in or get online.

For scheduling of service calls or visits these enterprise mobility solutions can not only be highly efficient for getting to as many customers or clients as possible, but they can also be designed to group calls in the same geographic area. This not only keeps your sales and service staff working with customers instead of spending time driving, but it also reduces the cost of fuel, wear and tear on vehicles, and boosts your entire company’s productivity.

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