Keep Your Fish Feeling Satisfied

Owning a pond can be a great way to enjoy your little piece of heaven. Half the fun of owning a pond is having it stocked with fish. However, when fish live in your pond, you have a bit more responsibility, because you have to keep those fish alive.

To make your pond and fish more low maintenance, consider using a pond fish feeder to ensure your fish are regularly fed.

With a pond fish feeder, you simply press a button, and the air driven directional feeder spreads the food into your pond.

Your feeder can be mounted on your pier or dock, allowing you easy access to feeding, and allowing you to create the perfect place to watch your fish feed if you like. Feed those fish at the same time for a few days, and they’ll quickly learn to gather and wait for the food. You’ll have an enjoyable show every evening if you desire!

Pond fish feeders are made from galvanized metal, so you needn’t worry about rust. These are properly sealed so that you don’t have to worry about other animals eating your fish food, either. You can load the feeder once with 100 pounds of food, and have food at the ready for weeks.

Talk to your dealer about adding a pond fish feeder to your dock or the top of your dam. These provide a simple way to ensure your fish are properly fed, without a lot of effort on your part.

You’ll find that you’ll enjoy having fish in your pond, even more, when you can feed them from your pier, watching them eat and watching them grow over time. If you’re a fisherman, this will let you know when those fish are big enough to begin fishing from your pond, too!

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