Identifying The Cause Of Construction Accidents In Muskegon, MI

In Michigan, construction sites present the probability of worker and resident injuries. Federal laws require the construction company to mitigate common risks by following regulations. The regulations direct the owner and foreman on how to eliminate risks in the workplace. An attorney helps victims of Construction Accidents in Muskegon MI after a failure to follow these regulations.

Reviewing Signs Around the Work Site

The federal regulations require the construction company to position signs around the entire work site. The lettering on the signs must measure at least ten inches. They must be displayed around the perimeter of the work site to discourage unauthorized individuals from entering the site.

Reviewing Barriers Around the Perimeter

A barrier must be constructed around the entire site. These barriers must stop all unauthorized individuals from entering the work site. The foreman must manage the barrier and stop anyone from entering the area. If the foreman fails to mitigate these risks, they are liable for injuries that could occur. They must also secure the work site when the workers stop for the day.

Testing Safety Equipment

After a worker-related accident, the safety equipment is tested. The foreman and the company owner must provide adequate work gear and safety equipment for the project. The workers must be instructed on how to use the equipment. Select equipment requires certification for use. Any violation of OSHA regulations makes the company liable for worker-related injuries.

Reviewing Autopsies and Cause of Wrongful Deaths

After any fatality on a construction site, an autopsy is performed to determine if the construction company is at fault. The autopsy shows the exact cause of the individual’s death. This cause must be linked directly to the accident that occurred on the construction site. If it does, the company is liable for the wrongful death.

In Michigan, construction sites are dangerous if they aren’t managed properly. They present dangers for the workers and anyone who enters the area. The foreman for the construction company must mitigate common risks on a daily basis. Victims of Construction Accidents in Muskegon MI can contact Bleakley Law Offices P C to start a legal claim against a construction company now.

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