How to Take Your Dog or Cat to the Vet

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Veterinarians

If you have had the pleasure of taking your beloved dog or cat for a vet visit, you may already know how daunting the whole thing can be. Sometimes, you have to visit the vet for a health concern, and on other occasions, you may arrange the visit for a routine check-up. The problem is that your dog or even the cat can catch on by observing your tension and make things worse.
Here are a few suggestions for cat and dog owners to make visits to the vet as hassle-free as possible.

Taking Your Cat to the Vet
Research shows that two-thirds of cat owners avoid taking their pets to the vet mainly because of the “feline resistance” involved in the whole process. Here’s what you can do:
* Get a safe container or a carrier for transportation. Sometimes, it helps to train your cat to be on a leash, but it will be safer in a carrier.
* Help it feel as if the carrier is a home away from home. Train your cat for this. Keep that carrier open in the house with some cat food and treats in it – you may even place a blanket inside to make it more enticing for your cat.
* Get a top-loading carrier to make it easier to place and remove your cat from it. In fact, the vet can examine your cat without even getting it out if you’re using a top-loading unit.
* Bring some of your cat’s favorite toys and treats with you to make it feel comfortable.
If your cat still feels anxious, you may consider getting a short-duration anti-anxiety medication from your vet. Give it to the cat at least an hour before you take your cat to the vet.

Taking Your Dog to the Vet
When it comes to paying a visit to the vet, a dog is usually less frantic as compared to your feline friend. Here’s how you can make it go easier on your dog.
* Consider taking your dog for a walk an hour prior to your visit. This can have a calming effect on your dog and makes it more docile.
* Get a carrier for smaller dogs. This will save you from scratches and bites in the event your little friend becomes aggressive.
* Bring treats along and offer a few as soon as your dog gets to the vet’s office.
To make it less taxing for your dog and cat, you may consider taking the animal to the vet’s office more often. Take the dog or cat just to say hello to the vet, as this will help develop a bond and make things easier when your pet actually needs a checkup. For more information you can visit Or their Facebook page.

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