How to Maintain Your Central Air Conditioning in Davenport FL

Your central Air Conditioning in Davenport FL is responsible for altering the properties of air such as humidity and temperature to make it suitable for your personal living environment. It also removes particulates such as dust, allergens, mold, and mildew to make air breathable and healthful. Finally, your AC system moves air to areas of the home where after it’s treated. When any part of this major appliance is damaged, it can cause adversely affect the entire system. To prevent defects and find small problems so you can fix them, it’s a good idea to perform maintenance on your AC system twice a year.

Before you perform any upkeep, locate the two major parts of your central Air Conditioning in Davenport FL. The condenser is located outside your home on a flat surface like a slab of concrete. The evaporator is situated in the plenum above the furnace. It can also be found in the main duct junction above the furnace. Ensure that all power to your AC is disconnected prior to conducting any maintenance. Do this at the main entrance panel or a separate entrance panel. Always do maintenance during a time when there is ample light and the weather is mild.

Start your maintenance by accessing the evaporator. If your evaporator is in the plenum, remove any insulation carefully so you can reattach it later. Open the access plate. Move the evaporator as close as you can. This device may be attached to rigid pipes. Avoid damaging the pipes or disconnecting the evaporator from them. Using a stiff brush, clean all sides. You can use a mirror to view the backside when you clean it. Ensure that you clean the tray below the evaporator. This catches condensation. Wipe it out with bleach and a small cloth. To maintain your condenser, remove all vines, weeds, and other plants from around it. Use a fin comb to remove accumulated dirt from in between the fins. A commercial coil cleaner can be used to clean the evaporator coil. Follow the directions on the package.

Keeping your air conditioning in good shape will help retain its functionality and useful life. Since the average AC system is designed to last about 15 years, you can set a goal for extending this statistic. For more information on air conditioning services, please visit the website of Charles M Watts AC.

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